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September 2014

Potential Health Issues of Solid State Lighting, Final Report

India could save 57% in residential buildings by 2050 compared to business as usual, says new report

The Value of the Leaders' Climate Summit at the UN

Climate Change: Is Failure Now Inevitable?

300,000 march against climate change in New York

New climate deal push will not repeat Copenhagen mistakes – UN envoy

US to put climate change 'front and center' of diplomatic efforts, Kerry vows

China's per capita carbon emissions overtake EU's

Lawmakers to vote on EU's €5bn carbon permit giveaway

IEA 4E Solid-State Lighting Annex Life Cycle Assessment of Solid State Lighting, Final Report

Climate change report: prevent damage by overhauling global economy

Seven things we learned from Lord Stern's New Climate Economy report

Stern and Gurria: We can avoid climate change, and boost the world’s economy – if we act now

EU polluters to land €5bn windfall under 'carbon leakage' proposal

Another Record Year for CO2

The 97% v the 3% – just how much global warming are humans causing?

Can you save energy by using public transport? It’s not that simple

110 Laboratories in World’s Largest Comparison of LED Test Labs – supporting ecodesign

IEA finds energy efficiency is fuel for economic growth

Public may end up paying for obsolete smart meters that save little, MPs warn

Why energy efficiency is the most important fuel we didn’t know we had

Is Merkel's green zeal turning brown?

Rising carbon dioxide emissions push greenhouse gases to recod high

Europe's dependency on Russian gas may be cut amid energy efficiency focus

U.N. chief tries to kick-start sagging enthusiasm for climate deal

Britain handed climate and energy portfolio in draft Juncker Commission line-up

The super vacuum ban isn't meddling EU bureaucracy - it's absolutely vital

More cash for EU industry, eastern states in 2030 climate goals: draft

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