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Expert: Only consumer-focused energy companies will thrive

(EurActiv.com, 19 Mar 12) Energy companies will have to change their business models from only gas and electricity supply to personalised consumer energy services as the EU's Energy Efficiency Directive takes shape, an industry expert told EurActiv in an interview.

“Many energy utilities see their core business as supplying electricity and gas to the metre and are not fully engaged in working with their customers on how they use energy," said Jon Slowe, a director at Delta Energy and Environment, a consulting firm.

"They have not had to do it, it is not their business model, it’s not what they’re good at,” said Slowe, who leads Delta’s work with utilities, helping them develop decentralised energy and low carbon strategies and tactics.

Europe's first-ever binding energy efficiency directive is taking shape as the 27 member states debate the draft bill in the EU Council of Ministers. The talks are expected to be concluded by July, with the end of the six-month rotating Danish presidency. It is expected to deliver 20% energy savings by 2020.

EurActiv.com, 19 Mar 12: Expert: Only consumer-focused energy companies will thrive

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