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eceee: Important to keep IEE type of funding for efficiency programmes

(21 Mar 12) Following the Multi-annual Financial Framework 2014-2020, the European Commission has abandoned the Intelligent Energy Europe programme (IEE). In the light of this, eceee believes it is of utmost importance that the programmatic approach represented by the IEE programme receives a separate and clear budget line in the new funding regime.

This is the message of a letter from eceee to Mr Robert-Jan Smits, Director General of the European Commission's DG Research and Innovation.

"A separate and clear budget line will help ensure that the approach developed in the IEE programmes is maintained and receives the attention that it deserves also in the future", eceee writes. "It is further important that the funding is significantly enhanced in order to help EU address the gap in energy efficiency implementation in relation to the 2020 target. "

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