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US environmental official apologises for 'crucify' gaffe

(The Guardian, 25 Apr 12) Film circulated by GOP senator Jim Inhofe shows Al Armendariz urging EPA staff to 'crucify' firms that break environmental laws.

An official from the environmental protection agency has apologised for advising staff to pursue harsh punishment or "crucify" companies that break environmental laws.

The embarrassing episode – which came to light through the efforts of the Republican senator Jim Inhofe – has been a godsend for the GOP's efforts to cast Barack Obama as an enemy of industry.

In the video made available by Inhofe's office, Al Armendariz, a senior EPA official, advises staff to leverage their enforcement abilities by making examples of polluters – much as the Romans used crucifixion to enforce their rule.

The Guardian, 25 Apr 12: US environmental official apologises for 'crucify' gaffe

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