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Global climate treaty may demand more carbon cuts from 'poor' countries

(The Guardian, 08 May 12) China and India may have to make bigger carbon emissions commitments as EU climate chief says Kyoto model is outdated.

Old divisions between developed and developing countries in who should lead the fight against climate change should be laid aside, according to ministers from some of the world's poorest countries and European representatives meeting on Tuesday.

The vexed issue of which countries should bear the greatest responsibility for cutting greenhouse gas emissions has been a sticking point in international negotiations for two decades. Under the original settlement reached in 1992 at the Rio Earth summit, and formalised in the 1997 Kyoto protocol, some rapidly emerging economies such as China were left out of the roster of obligations to curb emissions.

However, China is now the world's biggest emitter and second biggest economy, prompting many nations to question whether the divisions that were relevant 20 years ago should still apply today.

The Guardian, 08 May 12: Global climate treaty may demand more carbon cuts from 'poor' countries

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