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Brazil could adopt greenhouse targets - Lula

(Planet Ark, 11 Jun 09) President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said on Wednesday Brazil was open to adopting targets for greenhouse gas emissions if rich countries did more to curb climate change.

"Brazil should not be afraid of the challenge," Lula told Reuters in an interview at the presidential residence in the capital Brasilia.

"That issue is not a taboo for us," he added, saying that he may attend global climate talks scheduled for the end of this year in Copenhagen.

The U.N. talks comprise almost 200 nations, aiming for a deal to rein in warming that the U.N. Climate Panel says will cause more droughts, floods, crop failures, spread disease and raise sea levels.

Developing countries, however, should not be expected to make the same sharp emissions cuts as rich countries, Lula said.

Planet Ark, 11 Jun 09: Brazil could adopt greenhouse targets - Lula

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