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European businesses sound 2020 green targets alarm

(EurActiv.com, 28 Apr 11) BusinessEurope, the European employers' association, told EurActiv that it supports calls made in the last two days by British and French industry associations for better environmental planning and more financial support for green industry.

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) issued a report on 26 April, warning that the UK was in danger of under-shooting its 2020 targets due to a cocktail of low investment, financial risk, poor planning, delays in approving renewable energy projects and policy uncertainty.

Its concerns were echoed on 27 April by France's Syndicat des Energies Renouvelables (SER), which said that France was on track to miss its 2020 targets as a result of a lack of financial support and administrative bureaucracy, particularly for wind power projects.  

Folker Franz, climate spokesman for BusinessEurope, agreed, citing administrative delays at the national level as "a huge problem" which, he said, "needs to be thoroughly reassessed".

EurActiv.com, 28 Apr 11: European businesses sound 2020 green targets alarm

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