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eceee press releases

11 Jun 14 — First announcement – eceee 2015 Summer Study
The date for the traditional biennial eceee Summer Study has now been set for 1-6 June 2015. The Summer Study is staying at Belambra Presqu'île de Giens, close to Toulon/Hyères, in Southern France. Make sure to mark your calendar so you don't miss this exciting event. Read more

16 May 14 — eceee publishes discussion paper on binding targets for sustainable energy demand
eceee today published a discussion paper on binding targets for sustainable energy demand. The paper picks up on the European Commission’s proposal for a policy framework for climate and energy in the period from 2020 to 2030. Read more

23 Apr 14 — Plans to reach annual 1.5% energy savings fall short of credibility
Coalition for Energy Savings, in which eceee is a member, identifies many weaknesses in national implementation of the EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive (EED). Read more

23 Jan 14 — eceee: Commission’s new Climate and Energy Policy Framework lacks ambition
eceee notes with regret the launch of the European Commission’s Communication on a policy framework for climate and energy in the period from 2020 to 2030 that was published yesterday. The lack of clear signals on energy efficiency ambitions and targets risks undermining the weak economy recovery and competitiveness in the EU. Read more

13 Dec 13 — New eceee ”maze guide” on the EED and FAQ section on eceee’s web site
eceee today published a new guide in its "Steering through the maze" series. The new guide – Understanding the Energy Efficiency Directive – provides a simple summary of the Directive’s contents. The guide is complemented by a new FAQ section on the Directive on eceee’s web site. Read more

22 Oct 13 — eceee publishes report on soft loans together with Ademe for the WEC
A new eceee report commissioned by French energy and environment agency Ademe for the World Energy Congress in Korea this October highlights the issue of soft loans. Eight case study schemes – from a range of different economies and contexts, targeting different sectors and employing different financing methods – were selected for systematic evaluation and to understand how barriers are addressed in a wide range of different contexts. Read more

28 Jun 13 — NEW DATE: eceee 2014 Industrial Summer Study to be held 2–5 June 2014
A new date has been set for the next eceee Industrial Summer Study. The conference will be held 2–5 June 2014 at Papendal Hotel and Conference Centre in Arnhem, the Netherlands. Read more

21 May 13 — New eceee paper highlights the real issue on energy and competitiveness
A discussion paper on competitiveness and energy efficiency published by eceee today argues that the EU debate wrongly focuses on high energy prices rather than looking at strategies for getting the costs down. The paper explores how energy efficiency is the most powerful and quickest way to cut the energy costs of European businesses, and thereby boosting their competitiveness. Read more

20 Mar 13 — 27 country reports: Energy efficiency policy profiles of every EU Member State
27 country reports assessing national energy efficiency policies in every EU Member State have now been published within the Energy-Efficiency-Watch project, of which eceee is a partner. The reports are based on the screening of the National Energy Efficiency Action Plans (NEEAPs) as well as an expert survey, involving about 750 experts, on the implementation of those policies since the first NEEAPs were published in 2007. Read more

19 Feb 13 — CLASP and eceee point to an additional 40-70 TWh per annum by 2030 from revisions to existing ecodesign and energy labelling regulations
In a new discussion paper, analysis by CLASP has identified an additional 40-70 TWh per annum by 2030 from eleven existing ecodesign and energy labelling regulations covering seven product groups. All eleven regulations are scheduled for review between now and the end of 2014. The discussion paper is intended, with the support of eceee, as a contribution to the evidence base for the reviews, and to help prioritise efforts on energy related product policy. CLASP and eceee hope that the paper will prove of value to all stakeholders in the process, and of interest to the wider energy efficiency community. Read more

14 Jun 12 — First announcement – eceee 2013 Summer Study
The date for the traditional biennial eceee Summer Study has now been set. The Summer Study will be held 3-8 June 2013 at Belambra Les Criques, Presq'ile de Giens, close to Toulon/Hyères, in Southern France. Read more

25 Apr 12 — New eceee and RAP report on Energy Efficiency Obligation schemes
eceee today announced a new report on Energy Efficiency Obligation schemes, commissioned by the Regulatory Assistance Project. The aim of this report is to help ensure that EEOs on energy distributors or retail energy sales companies are established by Member States in a transparent, consistent, and coherent manner when it comes to evaluating the energy savings from such obligations. Read more

02 Mar 12 — New eceee report: Energy efficiency obligations - the EU experience
eceee today published a briefing on the European experience from energy efficiency obligations (EEOs). Despite the variations in national schemes, all have been judged successful by their governments and they have expanded their EEOs accordingly. There is now around €2 billion per year being spent by energy companies in the EU to deliver energy efficiency under EEOs. Read more

07 Dec 11 — eceee industrial summer study – eceee introduces new Summer Study to be held 2012
eceee is happy to introduce its first Summer Study on energy efficiency in industry, to be held in the Netherlands 11–14 September 2012. After almost 20 years of very successful and growing cross-sector biennial energy efficiency Summer Studies, eceee now believes it is the time to launch a summer study devoted specifically to energy efficiency in industry. Read more

06 Dec 11 — The 2011 Summer Study evaluated: Growth in participation with maintained quality
The evaluation of the eceee 2011 Summer Study is now finalised with very positive ratings. With 400 participants, the event was the largest eceee Summer Study ever. Read more

30 Nov 11 — eceee elects new board
At the General Assembly held yesterday, 29 November, 2011, eceee's members elected a new board. At the following board meeting, Peter Bach of the Danish Energy Agency was appointed President and Andreas K. Enge of Enova from Norway, was appointed vice President. Read more

19 Jul 11 — New EED resource page and steering through the maze guide
eceee today published a new guide in its popular "Steering through the maze" series. The new guide – on the Energy Efficiency Directive – provides a simple summary of the Directive’s contents as well as guide to the path of approval through EU’s institutions. The guide is complemented by a new resource web page on the draft Directive. Read more

14 Jul 11 — eceee 2011 proceedings now online
eceee proudly announces that the eceee 2011 Summer Study proceedings are now available online. The online proceedings library has been extended with all 220 peer-reviewed papers and most of the presentations from this year's Summer Study. Read more

25 May 11 — Target setting - New eceee snapshot report on target setting and new policy pages
eceee today published a study on national target setting. The study provides a snapshot of the current use of energy saving targets and opinions about these across the EU, and is based on a broad survey and stakeholder consultation. eceee also opened a page on EU efficiency policy issues and targets. Read more

06 May 11 — New maze guide: building retrofit knowledge at your fingertips
eceee today published a new guide in its popular "Steering through the maze" series. The new guide, "Capturing the collective knowledge base on building retrofit" provides a review of Summer Study papers on retrofits. It also gives a sneak preview of the upcoming Summer Study building retrofit papers. Read more

02 May 11 — Cost optimality methods for buildings will help save energy
eceee today published a report entitled "Cost optimal building performance requirements". The report is eceee's contribution to the process of defining an EU-wide methodology for setting building performance standards based on the principles of cost optimality. Read more

29 Apr 11 — eceee joins call for deep renovations throughout Europe
Deep renovations are needed now. This is the message of an open letter co-signed by eceee - the European Council for an Energy Efficient Europe - and a group of European energy efficiency industries organised by EuroACE in the campaign Renovate Europe. Read more

11 Mar 11 — eceee launches web page on the 2011 Energy Efficiency Plan
eceee today launched a web page devoted to the Commission's 2011 Energy Efficiency Plan. The page summarises the content of the plan and provides information on the views of eceee and other stakeholders. Further, the plan's relation to EU legislation and other EU initiatives is explained. Read more

08 Mar 11 — eceee on the Energy Efficiency Plan 2011: “New concrete measures needed to meet the 2020 savings target”
eceee welcomes today’s publication of the European Commission’s Energy Efficiency Plan 2011. This is part of a package of announcements targeting both 2020 and 2050, in order to move towards a low carbon community. However, for Europe to meet its carbon and energy reduction goals, a number of concrete and effective measures urgently have to be implemented by the Commission and Member States at appropriate levels. Read more

07 Mar 11 — eceee publishes new report on directional lighting
eceee today published a report recommending two-tiered minimum performance ecodesign requirements for directional lamps. The report proposes to eventually base the lowest acceptable level on the performance of highly efficient infrared-coated (IRC) halogen technologies. The report further demonstrates that no singular patent would act as a barrier to any manufacturer intending to produce IRC lamps, thus helping to alleviate such fears. Read more

08 Oct 10 — eceee publishes updated EPBD recast policy brief
eceee today published a policy brief on the recast Directive on building energy performance. This is part of a series of briefs that provides a clear and condensed overview on a specific energy efficiency area. It also summarises eceee's views on the topic. Read more

22 Apr 10 — Remaining economic recovery funds should be spent on energy efficiency
At least 115 Million Euro from the European Economic Recover Plan might be unused and should be spent on energy efficiency. This is the message in an open letter signed by eceee and a coalition of businesses, professional organisations and NGOs sent to the President of the EC Mr. José-Manuel Barroso and the European Commissioner for Energy, Mr. Günther H. Oettinger. Read more

22 Mar 10 — Is efficient sufficient?
Energy efficiency standards need to be progressive. For instance, a large TV or refrigerator should have tougher requirements for energy use per square inch or litre than a smaller one. This is one of the key messages in a new report entitled “Is efficient sufficient?”from eceee, the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. This is Europe’s largest membership-based NGO promoting energy efficiency. Read more

09 Feb 10 — Energy Efficiency must be top priority at EU Summit
Participants at the European Summit on 11 February must focus on the security of supply, competitiveness and climate benefits of improved energy efficiency during the meeting. This is the message of an open letter to Members of the European Council and the Presidents of the European Council, Parliament and Commission, respectively. The letter was signed by eceee and a wide group of European businesses, professional organisations, NGOs and prominent MEPs Read more

18 Nov 09 — eceee: Approved recast of buildings Directive overlooks existing buildings potential
eceee, Europe’s largest member-based NGO promoting energy efficiency, welcomes the decision from the trialogue process to approve a recast of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. However, a golden opportunity has been lost since the decision fails to set binding targets for existing buildings, eceee believes. Read more

02 Nov 09 — Existing buildings key to fight climate change
Existing buildings have a key role in fighting climate change, eceee and stakeholders from the building chain in Europe said in a joint letter sent today to EU ministers, the European Commission and Members of the European Parliament. The letters call on European policy makers to adopt a strong recast of the Buildings Performance Directive ahead of the Copenhagen climate meeting in December. Read more

02 Oct 09 — eceee appoints Director for new European buildings energy performance organisation
The European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy – eceee – in partnership with the European Climate Foundation and ClimateWorks today presented the Executive Director for the new European organisation for energy performance in buildings. Dr Tudor Constantinescu from Romania will be responsible for establishing the organisation as partner of a global network providing unbiased and authoritative information on energy-efficient buildings. Read more

11 Sep 09 — The lowdown on low and zero energy buildings
eceee published today a discussion paper which considers the issues around low/zero energy buildings. The report is part of the eceee's Steering through the maze series that is to help the reader follow some of the issues relating to the approval of the proposed recast of the EPBD. Read more

07 Sep 09 — Understanding the economics of renovation
A new report published by eceee today on building renovation costs shows that large renovation opportunities may get lost if the analysis before the renovation is not done correctly. This means that lower CO2 emissions reduction and lower energy savings will be the result. Read more

29 May 09 — eceee plans a European Centre on Energy Efficiency in Buildings
eceee today presented a proposal for a European centre on Energy Efficiency in Buildings within a global “Best Practice Network”. Plans are already well developed, and a post for the planned centre’s Director has also been announced, and eceee is now inviting interested professionals to apply for this high-profile post. Read more

24 Apr 09 — Building momentum
eceee congratulates the European Parliament on yesterday's vote for a set of amendments to strengthen the recast proposal for the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. This sends a strong signal to the energy and climate change community, eceee President Peter Bach said. Read more

22 Apr 09 — Sending Signals: Opportunity for European Parliament to Show Leadership
Today, eceee President, Mr. Peter Bach, wrote to Members of the European Parliament asking them to vote for one of the most important pieces of legislation related to energy and climate change that will be put before legislators this year. eceee also publishes a document to help interested people "steer through the maze" of the EPBD recast process. Read more

27 Feb 09 — eceee report supports: extending energy efficiency requirements to cover more building renovations
A new report published today confirms that existing buildings could have a lower threshold to be considered “major renovations.” This would significantly increase the cost-effective potential for the total impact of the directive. The report is published by the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee), Europe’s only NGO solely dedicated to energy efficiency. Read more

03 Dec 08 — "B Class lamps could be introduced much sooner", eceee report shows
There is no reason to wait until 2016 for the EuP eco-design requirements to phase out the modestly efficient C class halogen “look-alikes” that are expected to replace today’s clear incandescent lamps. These should be replaced by more efficient B Class lamps sooner than 2016, the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy claims, based on a new report commissioned by the organisation. Read more

18 Nov 08 — Buildings for the future: Recasting the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive
The eceee, the largest membership-based organisation in Europe dedicated to energy efficiency, welcomes the Strategic Energy Review published November 13th, 2008 by the European Commission. However, eceee firmly believes that greater energy efficiency improvements should be the first priority of this energy strategy. Furthermore, the eceee is convinced the recast of the Buildings Energy Performance Directive is the key element in this strategy. Read more

13 Aug 08 — eceee and Springer cooperate on new energy efficiency journal
Energy Efficiency, the first scientific journal ever dedicated solely to energy efficiency, is now available in print. The publisher Springer offers free access to the online edition until the end of 2008. Through an exclusive agreement with Springer, eceee will be able to offer free online access to all eceee members from 2009. Read more

19 Jun 08 — eceee supports keeping the A–G design of the energy label
In a letter to the European Commission, eceee expresses support for the current A–G scale as opposed to an open-ended numerical scale. The numerical scale has been proposed by some stakeholders in the Commission's working group on a possible redesign of the energy label. Read more

31 Jan 08 — Press Release – eceee: New buildings should be net zero energy consumers as early as 2015
New buildings in Europe should by law be net zero energy consumers or net zero carbon dioxide emitters as early 2015, the European Council for an Energy Efficient Economy (eceee) said on Thursday. Read more

11 Jun 07 — Past the tipping point
eceee 2007 Summer Study speakers concluded that public attitude and governmental policies promoting energy efficiency had totally changed and gone through the “tipping point”. Read more

12 Dec 06 — eceee supports industry initative on energy efficiency
A group of leading energy efficiency industries – COGEN Europe, CECED, EuroACE, and Eurima – are urging the European Parliament to get serious about energy savings. This industry initiative is supported by eceee. Read more

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