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eceee seminars and workshops

eceee arranges a number of events on our own or in cooperation with other partner. They are listed below.

For events arranged by others, please also see eceee's calendar.

Brussels launch of the IEA 2014 reports on Energy Efficiency Markets and Capturing the Multiple Benefits of Energy Efficiency - 21 October, 2014

Seminar arranged by eceee and IEA in cooperation with Fraunhofer ISI.

Read more about the seminar

From products to systems:
Saving more energy through EU policies – 4 February 2014

Ecodesign seminar arranged by eceee in cooperation with CLASP, the Swedish Energy Agency and Fraunhofer ISI, with support from Energifonden and the Representation of the State of Baden-Württemberg to the EU.

See films and presentations from the seminar.

Sustainability or Competitiveness?
Energy efficiency can bring us both – 13 November 2013

In connection with eceee’s General Assembly, eceee held their annual policy seminar in Brussels on Wednesday 13 November.

See films and presentations from the seminar.

Ecodesign and innovation – 22 January 2013

The main objectives of the seminar will be to outline the role of innovation in the context of the EU Ecodesign Policy, as well as make some recommendations to better account for it in the policy-making process.

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The challenge of the IEA World Energy Outlook: European policies and measures to deliver the needed efficiency improvements
– 20 November 2012

As a follow up to the Brussels Launch of the IEA World Energy Outlook’s energy efficiency part on 20 November, eceee is arranging a policy seminar to discuss the important challenges raised by the IEA’s WEO: What does this mean for European energy efficiency policies and measures? Are the current policies enough to fill the gaps or do we need stronger policies? The seminar will highlight two sectors: Buildings and industrial efficiency.

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Towards Nearly Zero Energy Buildings: Definition of common principles under the EPBD – 24 September 2012

The main objective of the stakeholder workshop is to obtain input into the study "Towards Nearly Zero Energy Buildings"; definition of common principles under the EPBD" and to be able to get feedback on recommendations (e.g. a template for the national plans), preliminary outcomes, etc., from interested parties and experts.

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Joint European Commission and eceee seminar on Energy Efficiency Obligations – 30 September 2011

As part of the "Bucharest Forum" process, the European Commission’s DG Energy  contracted eceee to develop a briefing on energy service companies (ESCOs) and Energy Efficiency Obligations (EEO). As part of the task, eceee organised a seminar on Energy Efficiency Obligations, which was held in Brussels on 30 September.

Read more about the seminar.

Is Efficient Sufficient? – 18 May 2010

This workshop will discuss how, in practice, progressive energy efficiency specifications for appliances and buildings can be developed into effective policy tools to help turn down energy consumption.

Read more about the workshop.

Product Efficiency 2008 – 30–31 October 2008

The purpose of the conference is to help the process of getting global agreement on defining energy efficient products. The eceee with support from the Australian Department of the Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts and the European Climate Foundation will organise this conference in Europe involving all the key players, including the EU, members of the new IEA implementing agreement Efficient Electrical End use Equipment and other relevant government bodies.

Read more about the conference.

EMEEES: Harmonised Methods for Evaluating Energy End-Use Efficiency and Energy Services – 15 October 2008

The final conference of the EU-funded project EMEEES (Evaluation and Monitoring for the EU Directive on Energy End-Use Efficiency and Energy Services) on: "Harmonised Methods for Evaluating Energy End-Use Efficiency and Energy Services" will be held on 15th October, 2008.

Read more about the conference.