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Transforming U.S. lighting and appliance markets

K. H. Tiedemann, BC Hydro, Canada


end-use consumption, energy efficiency, residential dwellings, conditional demand analysis, regression analysis


This paper reviews the results of a detailed assessment of US screw-type lamp and refrigerator markets. The study approach was as follows. First, information from annual surveys of sales of lighting products and refrigerators was used to build a database of product sales and drivers of product sales by efficiency type. Second, ordinary least squares regression analysis was used to model the impact of gross domestic product, electricity prices and demand side management on product sales for energy efficient and standard products. Third, the regression output was combined with the database information to estimate the impact of changes in electricity prices, gross domestic product and demand side marketing activity on sales of energy efficient and standard products.


Download this paper as pdf: 6.078_Tiedemann.pdf